After a ransomware infection,
a coin toss has better odds of
keeping your business alive
than the real statistics.

60% of business fail
within half a year of
a ransomware infection

Leaving legacies shattered
families savings raided and
a community disappointed
In leadership they trusted


Of businesses were infected
with ransomware in 2020

That’s where
we come in

Secure. Modern. Trusted.

Researched & validated solutions.
Our framework is used by many.

Looking at our people, how they use these tools, and what they accomplish — that’s the value of Google Workspace. People are happy, they’re collaborating, and our company is growing.
That’s priceless.
Daniel Thor, CIO
EasyPark Group
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Small Business FAQ.

Can I stop Ransomware?

chromeOS is built to never get ransomware. And hasn't.

See how chromeOS is secure

Small but safe. right?

Nearly half of all Cyber attacks target Small Businesses.

What is anti-American "Hacktivism"?

Hacking of small businesses supporting pro-American politicians or those taking hard-line stances with China & Russia.

Should I stay with Windows OS?

+ 80% of American k-12 schools teach and use chromeOS.

Ask yourself, do you plan to teach Windows 11 at work?

Backups always protect Windows, right?


Modern attacks specifically target backups & disrupt them before ransoming devices.

Is it true employees leave post-attack?

More than 50% of employers lose employees from an attack.

Each employee lost costs between 50 – 300% of their salary to replace on average according to HR experts.



Tech workers

Forrester research shows few technology workers hold the skills needed to build & manage safe, modern tech.

Hiring costs

Replacing an employee costs 50% to +300% of their salary. Meaning tens of thousands in hidden costs.

Getting to the top

Only 6% of CIOs having the skills to meet current business needs according to Forrester Research.

Small business, costs to obtain niche talent is often a summit that is too high. That is why finding partners to help upskill your existing staff is vital.

How Do We Help?

Leaders with experience

Uncommon for IT outsourcing. Our managers are former high-level executives from large multinational companies. Psychologists, and other leaders within their fields.

Don't rehire, upskill

Across the industry reskilling is happening. Hiring new isnt an option in this market. That is why we help you upskill your workers by implementing modern IT for them to learn.

Modern IT framework

Our framework is trusted by many you trust & love. From the American Armed Forces, to hotels you stay in, and medical facilities you use.

Workplace Psychology

Workplace psychology's science is key to helping your workers grow. That is why we hire & retain psychologists who build programs for your organization & employees.

Co-managed or not

We work with your existing IT to train them on modern IT infrastructure.

But if you don't have IT staff, we will become them & setup your modern IT & show you how it helps your staff.

No Ransomware.
Meet chromeOS.

Nordic Choice
Ransomware hack

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Josiah R.


It is clear this company is extremely competent navigating these complex and layered issues. Recommend.

Anna C.


Very responsive, quick, and helpful! Definitely recommend

Sondra Slade


I was locked out of my work email, with no access to anything with pressing deadlines.  While contacting the tech, he was very personable, and took his time with explaining what was going on and then walking me through it.  When he needed me to give access I felt at ease.  My issue was fixed , and i was back working in my email and worksheets within 20 minutes.

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