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This is where you expect a list of services you've seen on the last 30 IT outsourcing websites

And no pricing, of course..

Golly, isn’t that just awful!

Psst, what if we tell you what we’re not?

We’re not typical-Tech

People hire us for one reason – to make them money.

Achieving that means understanding how tech affects people.

That's why we employ Workplace Psychologists who research technology in the workplace. And understand how to leverage technology to your advantage.

We're not legacy security

Modern technologies are secure. Old tech isn't.

Why do over 80% of schools not run Windows?

Because our kids needed more safety & security
then legacy tech could provide our kids classes.
Shouldn't every workplace also be secure for us?

We’re not just guessing

Most IT professionals stay with what they know.

Not us. We've interviewed & tested to find the best.

We have stories of companies you likely know who've achieved some really amazing things ditching legacy IT frameworks.
Want their results? Tune into our podcast & peek at our blog.






Secure IT



Over two years of research

Into how technology affects employees & companies

We've learned a lot of information. And how to build good IT.

Labour expenses average around 70% of all costs to do business. That means knowing how to lower your labour costs is vital to increasing profitability. That's where our workplace research helps drive technology choices to reduce costs.

We’re a Google partner

We're Tulsa's only IT MSP that is a Google Partner.

Did you know ransomware is a choice?

Forrester Research found only 6% of Chief Information Officers have the skills needed to meet modern technology needs.
Our goal is to upskill your IT & workers to Secure IT, Tulsa.

We’re future proofers

Over 80% of schools teach Google Workspace & chromeOS

By 2030, Gen Z will constitute 30% of the workforce.
75% of recent graduates prefer Google over Microsoft.

Organizations that don't adapt to new workers are going to face major challenges to stay competitive.

With GenZ reporting they are twice as likely to decline job offers from companies using Microsoft 365.

Not Texans, native Tulsan's

Most IT providers in Tulsa have been purchased by Texas firms.

Not us, we're actually local.

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Josiah R.


It is clear this company is extremely competent navigating these complex and layered issues. Recommend.

Anna C.


Very responsive, quick, and helpful! Definitely recommend

Sondra Slade


I was locked out of my work email, with no access to anything with pressing deadlines.  While contacting the tech, he was very personable, and took his time with explaining what was going on and then walking me through it.  When he needed me to give access I felt at ease.  My issue was fixed , and i was back working in my email and worksheets within 20 minutes.

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