From insecure to secure

From insecure
to secure

Turn any Apple® or Windows® computer into a secure device with chromeOS Flex

Security flex

chromeOS Flex benefits from most of the security design that has made Chromebooks synonymous with "secure".

Since May 2024, there has been no evidence of any
documented, successful virus attack on chromeOS Flex.

Run everything

Access your productivity, video conferencing, and LOB apps your teams need.
These include Windows apps like Microsoft® Word, Excel, and other ".exe" apps.

The Switch Image

The 80%

Over 80% of k-12 runs Chromebooks & chromeOS.
Locally, Jenks runs a nationally acclaimed technology program to teach students to repair Chromebooks.

New standard

Over 70% of recent college graduates report turning down employment offers from companies running on Microsoft® products.