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IT compliance handled

Grow without having to worry.
Increasingly small companies are being required to meet SOC-2, type one / two; ISO 27001, and other regulations.

For many SMBs this burden requires someone who knows regulatory protocols, IT, and can be an executive partner.

This type of employee is cost prohibitive for most SMBs.
Which is why Secure IT Tulsa offers our subscription based Chief Information Officer.

IT planning handled

Do you know how to plan for your IT in the next decade, or what regulations are coming your way?

Most SMBs lack staff that knows how to make these plans. Putting them at a compettive disadvantage.

With our subscription model, you can let us handel these worries while you grow your business.

IT policies handled

Data loss, regulatory compliance, and more...
Policy creation is hard, but when you don't understand the subject it is impossible.

With our vCIO subscription model, you will receive access to our policy database, and get help adapting them to fit your needs & regulatory situations.

Change management can be rough, however, at Secure IT Tulsa, we have Workplace Psychologists on staff to help ease the change management process via scientifically proven methodologies.

Cyber training handled

Dr. Daniel's 3 Million dollar US Gov. funded training.

Here at Secure IT Tulsa we believe in science. That is why our training isn't a re-sell of a un-proven shakedown.

Our training was lead by a team of psychology researchers who developed the only training of it's kind.

Our training is proprietary.
Statistically validated.
And not available to other vCIO's.

With over 3 million in funding by the Department of Homeland Security & used by multiple government agencies, you can rest knowing training is handled.

IT Psychology handled

A CIO who's also a Psychologist:
We offer more than an experienced technology partner. We offer a vCIO who knows psychology & is governed by ethicals from the British Psychological Society.

That means like your doctor, Alexander has an ethical & legal obligation to provide you with the best & most researched IT. And just like a doctor, can receive an ethics & malpractice complaint, and loss of his chartership. Making his recommendations governed.

Helping clients feel safe from other unregulated CIOs.

IT MSPs leading voice:

Alexander is the leading thought-leader for MSPs psychological understanding
MSP Business SchoolPaul Green's MSP MarketingSEBOC (Society of Evidence Based Consulting)Young Presidents' Organization

Managing GenZ & the future of IT systems

Workplace Psychology to grow business!

Near Weekly co-host

Alexander's journey from IT to Psychology

Google Workspace to attract top talent

Microsoft Hack 2024

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