Upskill your IT

Upskill your IT

Co-managed IT for a purpose

Training upskill

Proprietary research & training with over $3 million in funding from
the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Our training specializes in helping IT teams build skills to work with others during a cybersecurity response.

It's not just a stereotype that IT workers tend to enjoy working solo over collaborating with others. With our training, IT teams can become more engaged with the organization and help improve cybersecurity responses.

Cloud upskill

Out of 500 businesses surveyed, 93% report a gap in IT skills.

Many companies are forced to pay for a hybrid approach to the cloud — the lack of talent with cloud skills was reported as the leading reason.

Our Workplace Psychologists have developed a methodology to teach these skills while deploying cloud-native technologies within organizations.

Security upskill

A cloud-native OS with over a decade of no ransomware.
How banks, hospitals, and others use chromeOS.

Most IT workers know how to manage legacy operating systems such as Windows & macOS.

A small number know how to manage modern OSs like chromeOS.

With over 83% of schools teaching it, it's the future OS for workers. And with zero confirmed ransomware infections in the last decade, there's little reason to leave legacy operating systems behind.

Partner upskill

Over 70% of recent college graduates report turning down employment offers from companies running on Microsoft® products over Google products.

As Tulsa's only Google Cloud Partner, and the only IT firm employing workplace psychologists, we help you attract talent.

This is especially important as by 2030 Oklahoma will have a 100,000 deficit of qualified job applicants to jobs — researchers have projected.